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Kesha: Forgotten or Remembered?

Staff Writer, Amith Jagannath

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For one famous individual, a career almost ended, a life almost lost. Her name is Kesha. The girl that was known to the world as a party girl only a couple of years ago stopped producing after  a conflict between her and her producer, Dr. Luke. The world became privy to this news only in 2014 when Kesha filed a lawsuit against her producer. Immediately after this, Dr. Luke filed a counter lawsuit with the reasoning of contract incompletion.

Kesha claims to have been abused by Dr. Luke as well as to have been put under the influence of drugs but this has still not been affirmed by court. Before this fateful day, Kesha’s fans knew her as the girl who had been featured on many hit singles by Flo Rida and singles of her own such as “Cannibal” and “We R Who We R.” Her audience has continuously been wowed by her meaningful lyrics through which she has embodied her personal opinions. “We R Who We R” is a song to promote anti-bullying and has shown her support and love towards her fans.

Kesha has fans worldwide including people of all ages and races. One of Kesha’s most supportive fans at Voyager, Harley Mangum, said, “Clearly what happened to her wasn’t good. It could’ve easily been blown out of proportion by the media. I feel her new music is good. It shows how that incident has made her the person she is today. It’s brave to write about something like that.”

On the other hand, one student who only had basic knowledge about Kesha, Maryn Leonard was asked the same question. In her response Maryn said, “It’s horrible and it sucks that, that happened to her. It sucks that the judge couldn’t see that. It’s ridiculous, he’s a big music producer and he had to enslave her into writing music which is messed up.” In Leonard’s eyes, Kesha was the party girl that she could jam out to once in awhile, but ever since Kesha has released her new music, Maryn has thoroughly enjoyed listening to her various songs specifically her song “Tik Tok.” She said, “Yeah, I thought she was fun. I could jam to her but I wasn’t an extreme fan. I miss some of her old songs.” Maryn explained that the party Kesha was the kind of person that had no meaning in her songs, but the rhythm made Maryn enjoy her music.

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Harley believes that there hasn’t been much of a change between the old and new Kesha but she says, “she [Kesha] still doesn’t care about what people think because she still expresses herself in the same way as she did before. Her new music just reflects on her life and what she’s gone through. There are still songs that explain what she still is. Nothing can stop her from what she loves, which is singing and she is a stronger person now after what happened.”

Maryn had a similar response saying, “the whole lesson in her new music is to say that you can be at your lowest point but you can still come back and make great things. She still has all her fans and she’s telling them her life story and at the end of the day, she is still doing what she loves.” Leonard feels that through this incident, a new Kesha was born and that her character has matured.

Kesha has continued to excite her fans by producing new music, and in her audience’s eyes, Kesha’s new song “Praying,” gives them hope for the future.